Submission for Week 88 of Weekly Game Jam, Theme: Crazy Date

What happens when one bean finds himself on a island full of beans who want to kiss him to death. Well clearly the answer is to stomp on their heads and kill them all. 

Sometimes love hurts... <3


A/D or Left and Right Arrows to Move

W or UpArrow to Jump

No mouse needed :)


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Watch Weekly Game Jam 88 ~ Crazy Date | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thanks for checking it out, yea no sound unfortunately, don't have the knowledge of how to make sound maybe will try next week ;p

If you're looking for tools, we have a list of free audio stuff here:

Also never hurts to use royalty-free audio from online sources! Can save a ton of time, and add a beautiful bit of extra polish.

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if only dating was this easy!

It could be, if you eat beans

Odly satisfying minimalistric art style actually :P 

glad to hear it :)